• The right species selection
  • The right peeling process
  • The right seasoning process
  • The right treatment process

The right species selection

Known for its structural strength, durability and quality, the slow-grown Radiata pine's sapwood allows deeper penetration of the chemicals during treatment processes, enhancing the product's longevity.

The right peeling process

Woodline keeps and grades a wide variety of log diameters to ensure proper control of the peeling process and eliminate over-peeling which strips away a log's strong sapwood band.

The right seasoning process

Woodline's extensive resources and kiln ensures poles are correctly seasoned, reaching the ideal moisture content of 25%, before undergoing chemical treatment.

The right treatment process

By using Radiata pine and adhering to proper procedures, Woodline's treatment process provides the correct retention (dosage) and penetration (depth) of chemicals within the sapwood, resulting in poles known for their quality, durability and longevity.

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