What inspires people to travel? What ignites their imagination?

These were the questions Janet Lauder and Harry Themistocleous asked as they set about designing a boutique travel agency in the new Mall of the South. Their design won them first place in the recent PG Bison Image Competition.

Janet and Harry explain that the concept was to design an atmosphere that inspires people to embark on their own travel adventures.

The team introduced distinctive MelaWood screening fins, creating a soft, warm separation between the reception and the rest of the space. Customers now enjoy an inviting and relaxed environment in which to imagine their own journey. The organic feel of the entrance, created by the fins, extends through the rest of the store.

The team began conceptualising the project while the high-end mall was still being built and oversaw the entire construction process, which included a number of custom-made furniture pieces as well as detail work.

They chose to use PG Bison’s products for a number of reasons: they are easy to use, versatile enough for different applications and available in various finishes. This ignited the duo’s imagination and gave them the confidence to express their creativity in a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

According to the panel of judges, this design stepped out of the ordinary and brings a new level of creativity to the category.

Janet and Harry are both qualified architects and co-founders of Mode Design Studio which offers a range of services.