15 December 2017

Design your own kitchen with PG Bison’s Kitchen Design Tool

PG Bison recently introduced an innovative kitchen design tool to the market. It is completely free, without any obligation to buy, and easy to use. Try it out here.

After logging in, start your design journey by selecting the kitchen style you prefer. There are eight styles to choose from – from handleless gloss to shaker style, there is something to suit every taste. The next step is to define your kitchen’s shape. You can choose one of the three pre-defined room shapes and just type in the dimensions of your kitchen. If the pre-defined shapes don’t work for you, there is a ‘free room’ option for you to create your own kitchen. Internal walls will be placed in the next step.

Once your room is set up continue to the next step and start detailing the room. Here you can drop in the internal walls, doors, and windows choosing each component style and setting the height and width from the floor as you go. Important details such as plumbing connections and electrical points are planned at this stage. Whenever you are in doubt and you struggle to visualise the flat plans, you can switch to 3D-view and it will give you a clearer perspective. Although this is probably the most tedious part of your design adventure, this is the most important step, so make the effort to get it perfect.

Next is the exciting part, the actual ‘design your kitchen’. Here, select the cupboard options – floor, wall, top, tall units, panels and more. Here you will also include the spaces for appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, dishwashers etc. Select a unit option and then scroll through the detailed choices until you find exactly what you want, then drop your units onto the plan exactly where you want them. It is always best to start in the corners with corner or tall units and work your way outwards. Keep the essentials in mind first – kitchen sink, oven, stove, microwave – and then choose the luxuries. You can at any time revert to the 3-D view and pan through the room to scrutinise each detail until you are happy with your layout.

After the layout, it is time to add colour. Choose the colour of your kitchen carcasses, doors, tops and other details such as walls and floors.

PG Bison’s kitchen design tool is user-friendly, but without being limiting, allowing the user endless options. After you have saved your design and filled in your details, you will receive an email with a PDF for download. This is your final design, colour and units list. Take your unique plan to any ‘cut and edge’ professional for a quote and you are on your way to building the perfect kitchen.