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The one element that can make the biggest difference to a kitchen’s look and feel is the choice of surface finish, as this accentuates all the elements of the kitchen. It creates a mood that sets the kitchen apart from anything you have ever seen, making it unique to your home.

One of the hottest trends in kitchen surfaces is the use of high-gloss,  and it’s not just for aesthetic reasons either. The shiny gloss surface intensifies colours and reflects more light, helping spaces feel bigger, cleaner and much more open.

Recognising the popularity of this trend and realising that the high cost of  good quality gloss kept the trend out of reach of many, PG Bison launched MelaWood SupaGloss. It has a durable, high gloss surface with excellent wear and scratch resistance and comes in a range of ten colours at affordable prices.

The board is manufactured locally in Boksburg at a production line which is totally contained in a regulated, air-tight environment to prevent dust and other impurities ruining the glass-like surface. Brand Engelbrecht, Manufacturing Executive of PG Bison says, “It’s one of five such production lines in the world and is the best technology available right now.”

The product machines exceptionally well, even on standard woodworking tools and has matching edging available from  local edging suppliers. This solution does not require investment in expensive equipment, only a keen eye and hands-on approach to quality.

Thanks to the latest technology the product is able to equal, and may even better international standards in consistency and quality. PG Bison’s investment in a world-patented PUR coating and UV hardening system creates a deep gloss at a significant cost advantage over imported equivalents.

For more details, visit PG Bison at or ask about it at your local stockist.

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  1. Elizma Kohne


    How do I go about getting some sample boxes from you. I’m a traveling designer and this would be very handy to show clients.

    Kind regards

    • pgbisonblog

      Hi Elizma,

      We appreciate your interest in our product,

      Please check your email ( for communication sent with regards to obtaining a Melawood sampling box.

      Kind regards,
      PG Bison

  2. Though there is an availability of various kitchen with different colours, black and white are the high rated options among them.But you have shown some really good design.
    Keep sharing!!

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