22 January 2019

Discover the authentic touch of MelaWood SupaTexture

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about designing with wood products, it’s that looks aren’t everything. Appreciating wood is as much about the way it feels – the grain and textures of timber – as it is about natural patterning and beautiful colours. Authenticity is something that’s proved by touch – something you can feel that confirms what you see.

That’s why we’ve devoted a lot of time, research and resources the development of technology that brings a truly authentic feel to our product range. The result is our Premier Range, which includes our new MelaWood SupaTexture, SupaGloss and SupaMatt products, which are all about feeling as good as they look, and adding the sense of richness and life that texture can being to a design – whether it’s a piece of furniture, or a whole room. (You’ll also notice that when the texture is right, objects catch the light in a way that does true justice to their colours and patterns – they have a warmth and richness that makes them look better, too!)

MelaWood SupaTexture has a core made from SupaWood densified wood, which gives it strength, durability and a lovely, clean finish. Backed with our practical, hardworking Peen finish, with its famous stippled effect, MelaWood SupaTexture features our deepest grain with the authentic touch of a real timber surface texture, awakening the primal response we all have to the roughness of real wood.

MelaWood SupaTexture is inspired as much by the feeling of the real world as it is by the real people who live in it, and want to express their unique identities in their living spaces. MelaWood SupaTexture can be combined with the other unique finishes in our MelaWood range to create a palette of colours and textures that enables a wide range of personal expression. Bring in a contrasting sparkle with a brilliant high-gloss SupaGloss finish, for example, or one of Corian’s wide range of finishes. The understated and sophisticated SupaMatt finishes brings another layer of refinement, while Fusion and Natural Touch finishes add a dimension of realism and luxury to surfaces and finishes.

To find out more about MelaWood SupaTexture, don’t hesitate to speak to us directly. For specifics regarding the availability of  our Premier Range products, click here for our Downloads page, or click here . MelaWood SupaTexture and MelaWood SupaMatt are sold in pack sizes only.