Formica LifeSeal Worktop
06 December 2016

Formica LifeSeal Worktops

A Formica® Worktop makes economic sense for the customer and kitchen installer.

A good quality and contemporary work surface is a key component when revamping a kitchen.

Formica® LifeSeal Worktops, with their sleek, new square edge and modern designs provide a fashionable, elegant and affordable alternative to stone or granite products. Formica® LifeSeal Worktops are the perfect solution for both the new kitchen and a quick and convenient kitchen facelift.





The new edge profile and designs complement any frontals, whether SupaGloss or MelaWood, providing the designer and customer with an affordable and long lasting work surface solution.

For a kitchen company, a Formica® worktop provides them an opportunity to earn significantly more Rand margin than they would if they outsourced to a granite or stone worktop installer. A key consideration in these difficult economic times. The kitchen company already has the skills and standard wood working tools that are required to install a Formica® worktop themselves and bank the extra income.

To ensure the worktop is long-lasting requires adherence to some basic rules of which sealing the exposed edges is the most important. Simply seal the edges with two coats of a marine grade varnish or appropriate damp seal before the worktops are installed. Exposed edges are any edges not covered by the Formica laminate.


This includes the edges that back up against the wall, the edges that butt up against each other in a join, including L-joints, and edges of cut-outs for sinks and hobs. Apply the sealant in a dabbing motion to ensure maximum penetration. Following this little step will give you peace of mind as, even if the acrylic or silicone sealer pulls back around joins and cut-outs, the core will still be protected.

Here’s more on how it should be done.

Formica® LifeSeal Worktops are stocked by all major board merchants and home DIY storers. The Formica® LifeSeal Worktops are supplied with a free matching edging and are covered with an easy to remove plastic sheet to protect the top during transport and installation.

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