What separates good surfaces from great ones is more than just the way they look – it’s about how they feel. The combination of our MelaWood colours and finishes is what has made MelaWood PG Bison’s frontrunner melamine faced board (MFB). Here’s a look at our five outstanding MelaWood finishes:


Fusion brings a touch of elegance to your surfaces with its matt, wood-like effect. The feel of a subtle, realistic grain is enhanced by Fusion’s soft, shallow pores that perfectly accentuate the selection of colours it is available in.


MelaWood’s Linear finish combines the best of both matt and gloss to create a truly mesmerising and lively texture. Both the matt and gloss grains run in straight lines alongside one another to captivate the senses of both sight and touch. Colours with darker tones like Espresso and Storm Grey really make this finish stand out.

Natural Touch

Natural touch brings out the subtle luxury of MelaWood’s colours with its soft matt texture. This finish is perfect with light and warm colours like Arden and Black Cherry, especially for calm spaces.


Getting straight to the point like our proudly local wood-based panels, the Peen finish is practical and hardworking. Its stippled effect gives our MelaWood products the sort of look that would take hours of sanding and varnishing on hardwood, and it’s made to last longer. Whether you want the lighter warmth of Vancouver Maple or the dark heat of Burgan Mahogany is purely up to you.

Great news for stockists!

We made a point of listening to our stockists and customers during the Gallery One 2017 roadshow, finding out what’s working for our customers and what’s not. One of the concerns we heard was the fact that there were too many colour and finish combinations, which meant a lot more space and stock was needed to offer customers a complete range.

Well, we paid attention and did something about it. Our huge range of previous colour combinations has been vastly reduced to bring you greater simplicity, with only the very best combinations. That means that you can far more easily stock complete ranges of colours and finishes without compromising on quality or space. And should you or a customer want a product that is no longer listed, you can get in touch with us and we will see what we can do to help you (take note, there will be minimum quantity requirements on these special orders).


Have a look at our freshly revamped website for some great inspiration and ideas that make magnificent use of MelaWood and our other products!