One of the greatest challenges you face with renovations is figuring out exactly what works, and where. Here at PG Bison we noticed that people were searching for inspiration, with our new website we bring you the solution: Application

What is Application

You will notice a range of tabs at the top of our website’s home page. If you select the ‘Application’ tab you will be directed to the Application page. Here you will find a host of images for specific rooms to inspire your choices.

What do these applications consist of?

When visiting the Application page you will find photos of our products being used in real life applications, including MelaWood and Formica LifeSeal Worktops. You’ll also find these products displayed in many of our fresh colours and finishes to give you a great idea of the decorative solutions we have made available for your surfaces.

Our experience as a wood panel manufacturer has taught us that every room in a home has its own requirements, which is why our Applications page includes separate ideas for different rooms. Whether you are looking for ideas for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or lounge, they are all included on the page.

Check out our Colour Range

While the Application page will help you decide on the exact look you want, you might be looking for a different colour to the ones being displayed. Click on the Colour Range tab and explore our full range of colours, including those from the exclusive MelaWood Premier Range.

Have questions?

Contact us with any questions you may have concerning our variety of products. Whatever you need, there is a decorative surface solution here at PG Bison.