15 August 2018

Introducing Ready2Spray SupaWood

The first-of-its-kind surface that saves you time and money.

PG Bison is delighted to introduce its latest innovation: Ready2Spray SupaWood. This first-of-its-kind new SupaWood medium density fibreboard product is ready to spray-paint directly – there’s no need for any pre-treatment. That’s right, no sanding, basecoat priming or de-nipping required! With Ready2Spray SupaWood, you can get straight on to spray painting.

So, not only does this revolutionary new innovation from PG Bison save you time and effort, but it saves you money, too. It eliminates the cost of primer, and reduces the amount of paint you use, and also improves the speed of production while reducing waste.

The top face of Ready2Spray SupaWood features a high-quality, speciality surface that is smooth, flat, closed, homogenous and uniform in colour. This surface allows uniform paint absorption with solvent or water-based paint, so not only do you get the best results, including excellent adhesion, but you also need fewer layers of paint to get the perfect finish.

It’s simpler and neater to work with, too. There’s no dust from sanding, so the risk of spoiling components and having rejects is eliminated. Ready2Spray SupaWood also helps prevent bottlenecks in production, because the throughput of your existing drying chamber will double now that you no longer have to wait for primed components to dry.

Ready2Spray SupaWood has a SupaWood core, so it has all the benefits of SupaWood medium density fibreboard produced on the latest generation press, including deep routing. The bottom face is covered with PG Bison’s Super White melamine-impregnated décor with a Peen finish. Because both surfaces are covered, the chance of bowing is reduced.

Edging with Ready2Spray SupaWood is easy. Simply use recoatable edging of thicknesses between 1mm and 3mm for best “flat panel” results. While you might have to do a small amount of dress-sanding to ensure a perfect interface between board and edge, this product completely eliminates the labour-intensive raw edge preparation process.

Isn’t that just like PG Bison? Saving you money and enabling your business while making it easier to realise your and your clients’ vision.

To find out more about Ready2Spray SupaWood, don’t hesitate to speak to us directly. For specifics regarding Ready2Spray SupaWood, click here for our Downloads page, where you’ll find a convenient brochure under SupaWood.