What’s the first thing you do when you see a piece of wood? You touch it, right? You run your hand along the surface to feel the texture. That’s the test of what you see. Texture completes our visual experience. It brings what we see to life. It enriches our experience of the world around us.

Each year, PG Bison adds new colours to its MelaWood range – beautiful, realistic wood patterns and colours that show just how far printing has come. But the simple fact is that, without texture, the end result – the kitchens, the cabinets, the architecture we build – only provides half the experience. When the eye sees wood grain, we expect to feel wood grain.

PG Bison has diversified its range of textures, now featuring five different finishes. The tricky part, however, is knowing which textures best suit which designs. You know, for example, that a gloss finish brings out the brightness and intensity of colours, while a matt finish softens and mutes them. But what about wood finishes? How do you know that African Wenge, for example, looks best with a Fusion finish?

We’ve selected grains that show off our newest wood designs to their best advantage – plus some well-known favourites – so you can create the most authentic experience of your environment and making sure your (and your clients’) world feels as good as it looks.


The texture: The soft textures and shallow pores of Fusion best complement medium to darker wood. Imagine cherry or maple wood with a matt varnish: that’s what the Fusion finish feels like.

The pattern:

Our top recommendations:

New colours: Brookhill; Vence; Greythorne; Haven

Existing colours: African Wenge; American Walnut; Cannero; Maidenwood; Normandy; Cadbury Oak; Harvard Cherry

Bedroom with concrete wall, bed, lamp and plants


The texture: Linear is designed to complement deep textured straight wood grain – the deep, powerful textures of rougher, weathered board with a lively, rustic look. When oak and ash are cut, you can see the open pores in the surface.

The pattern: The patterns you’ll be looking at will be the straight grained woods.  The patterns are based on quarter cuts – when a log is cut down the length in four like a pizza, and the wood that is cut from it will typically reveal one growth ring per year – a line rather than the ellipses, flames and cathedrals of crown cut wood. Put it on oak, and it comes alive.

Our top recommendations:

New colours: Camden; Lockeport

Existing colours: Coimbra; Esperanza Oak; Lanza Oak; Monument Oak; Verzasca Oak; Summer Oak


Bright wooden kitchen in beauty luxury house

Natural Touch

The texture: The soft matt feel of Natural Touch makes the wood grain feel like a veneer. Its subtle, fine texture brings out an elegant velvety surface that adds sophistication and smoothness for a luxurious effect.

The pattern: These woods typically come crown cut, across the length of the log – where the plank displays both sides of the growth ring, creating the beautiful flames cathedrals in these designs.

Our top recommendations:

New colours: Arden; Vardo

Existing colours: Black Cherry; Shale Oak

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