Waterproof Construction Board, WPC, Surface Innovations, water resistant board
31 October 2018

New from Surface Innovations: Waterproof Construction Board

Surface Innovation has a new product for areas where water damage is a risk: a new 100% Waterproof Construction Board (WPC). It’s an environmentally friendlya new board that is not only perfect for environments where you need water resistance, but it is also resistant to extreme weather, chemicals and termites. You can use WPC in any domestic, commercial or infrastructural environments. There’s no need to worry about it warping, swelling, rotting or cracking if it gets wet, which dramatically extends the life span of carcasses, furniture or design elements made from WPC.

It’ll revolutionise the look and feel of outdoor spaces, and offers sound and heat insulation inside, too. WPC is lightweight and has excellent structural strength and high load-bearing strength. It’s easy to work with, holds screws well, and is machinable with all the usual board processing machines. Basically, you can do everything you can with the usual wood-based products: mould, emboss, deep route, profile edge, print and paint it. WPC is also completely healthy, safe and non-toxic. It is 100% lead and formaldehyde emission free (Enterprise standard E0).

To find out more about Waterproof Construction Board (WPC), don’t hesitate to speak to us directly. For specifics regarding WPC, click here to download a convenient brochure.