Kitchen design has to be one of the most exciting areas of interior design, and new advances in colours, textures and designs from PG Bison make it that much easier for home owners and kitchen designers to realise their visions. As with a number of design and lifestyle trends, the ability to personalise our spaces is perhaps the single most important factor driving trends at the moment. People long to express their individuality – to match their private space with their unique personalities. Alongside this desire, the incredible advances in texture and pattern create a rich and amazing palette for people to find the right expression for their character.  We bring you three major trends in kitchen design this season, along with a little advice on how to realise them.

Colour Carcasses

In the past, kitchen carcasses and the insides of cupboards and drawers were treated simply as functional parts of kitchen design: you didn’t really see them, so they were kept simple and neutral: in other words, white. Now carcasses and interiors are being treated as a new avenue for expression. Bold bright colours are being used to bring contrast and add interest – a moment of surprise and delight when you open a drawer or cupboard. It’s an expression of personality or a revelation of a secret – a way for people to customise their kitchen space, adding something unexpected and uplifting in their interactions with the kitchen. Bright colours are the way to go – bright pops to make a vibrant contrast with the external patterns and materials. Choose MelaWood SupaGloss in Lime Green or Candy Red to create a vibrant burst of colour every time you open a cupboard or drawer although, for a more muted sensual, sophisticated take on the trend, use Petrol Blue to add depth, or even Super Black. These colours can be used in combination with almost any exterior décor scheme – from light woods like to dark stone finishes. Even colour clashes work well with this trend.

Combining Gloss and Wood

Combinations of solid colour and wood grain are another key trend for kitchens. The recent influence of cool Scandinavian light wood complemented with MelaWood SupaGloss in Super White, Summer White or Iceberg White, for example – and wood and gloss combinations continue to be a lasting trend – a world of possibility has opened in combinations of glossy colours with wood designs. The introduction of new colours, like MelaWood SupaGloss Petrol Blue, has opened up a world of possibility when combined with some of the latest wood designs. Try it in combination with Napoca, for example, or even Formica in Tucana.

2018 living room design trends

Combining natural textures

With the growing depth and variety in natural textures available, and the trend for natural finishes has advanced to a point where a number of different natural textures can be combined – taking the contrast between gloss and wood, for example, in another direction altogether, very much in keeping with the “Natural You” expression in Gallery Two.

While combinations of wood and gloss still anchor this trend, they’re given further depth and complexity with the addition of various natural stone patterns, and even wood and concrete. Solid colours in various textures fit right in with this trend. You can even combine different textures in the same colour, for example, Corian in Sparkling White with MelaWood SupaMatt in Iceberg White, rounded off with MelaWood in Arden. MelaWood in Camden combined with Cappucino and Formica in Kristall is also very effective. Another combination that works well is Corian in Weathered Concrete and Astana combined with MelaWood Supagloss in Storm Grey.

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