30 August 2018

OnTrend News: PG Bison Helps Launch New Educational Facility in Knysna

For the past five years, PG Bison has supported the Knysna Education Trust (KET), an organisation dedicated to enabling and supporting Early Childhood Education for the young children of communities in Knysna. The KET does this through targeted programmes and services so that the children who leave the preschools where they are involved do so ready and able to excel at formal schooling.

With the support of PG Bison, KET recently launched The Learning Tree, a first-of-its-kind facility in the area that will function not only as a happy learning place for many young children, but will also be a place of learning for teachers, who will be exposed to cultures of best practice, and have the opportunity to hone their skills in the classroom by working in a model environment.

KET director Nicola Goodall said, “The Knysna Education Trust is extremely grateful for this wonderful working relationship stemming over a period of five years now, and we would like to thank the PG Bison management and staff, for their ongoing dedication to both the teachers and the children of the community.”

At the launch event for The Learning Tree, a symbolic tree was planted. “As we plant this ceremonial tree it signifies a few things,” said Goodall. “The tree will grow and gain strength, much like the partnership between Knysna Education Trust and PG Bison. It will be a reminder of what The Learning Tree stands for – offering endless learning opportunities to young children and teachers. We have no doubt many teachers and children in the future will enjoy thrilling stories in the shade of this tree.”