PG Bison is a part of most South Africans’ lives without you even knowing it

From the moment you get out of bed and make your way through the day, you are never far from something that started its life in a PG Bison factory. With over a century of learning and improving, PG Bison has grown its brands and products into the lives of most southern Africans, often without them even knowing it.

PG Bison’s story starts back in 1897; PG Bison is now a locally owned subsidiary of KAP Industrial Holdings and a Level 3 BEE contributor. Kap’s focus on industry has given PG Bison the ability to continually invest in technology and assets to improve the quality and service it offers its customers.

PG Bison at a glance

Today, PG Bison is a fully integrated value chain with forestry, saw milling, resin and wood based panel manufacturing.

Its board plants and plantations (it owns 88 807 hectares of land, 41 224 of which is afforested) are found in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Western and Eastern Cape provinces.

Although the company is a significant employer with close to 1 400 people on its payroll, thousands more are employed by small businesses that provide supporting services to its operations.

Products of international quality

PG Bison is one of the largest suppliers of wood-based panel products to the building industry in South Africa, and also exports to 20 countries.

The company’s main focus is the production and upgrading of wood-based panel products. These products are sold under the brands BisonBord (premium quality, interior grade particleboard) and SupaWood (exceptional medium density fibreboard).

BisonBord and SupaWood are also upgraded into MelaWood (a durable, scratch and moisture resistant melamine faced board) and DecoBord (a resin-coated pre-finished, printed paper foil board).

The company distributes Formica high pressure laminates (HPL) and DuPont™ Corian® and DuPont™ Basic solid surfacing through its Surface Innovations business unit.

Furthermore, PG Bison manufactures Formica LifeSeal worktops (an HPL bonded to BisonBord with a sealing strip for added protection against moisture).

These products are all used extensively in home storage, such as kitchen and built-in cupboards as well as household and office furniture and the shopfitting industry.

With nearly 16 000 interlinks of product delivered to customers every year, it’s no wonder you are never far from a PG Bison product.

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  1. Melikhaya

    I currently work as a cleaner for Tsebo cleaning services,a cleaning contractor that offers a cleaning service for PG Bison boksburg plant in jhb,i have an N6 in Building & Civil Engineering,i wish i could work for PG Bison one day if given a chance,please help if possible,i’m always inspired by the daily operations of this great company PG Bison,this is where i could be reached for any possible work opportunity 073 299 6295.Thanks

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