05 May 2022


Super White in Peen moves to Picco White in Strata

PG Bison has been supplying its BisonLam and SupaLam products into the market in Super White, Peen finish, for many years. While BisonLam products are predominantly used for the interior carcasses of cabinets, SupaLam, specifically the single face option, is used in the spray and wrap door market.

In 2020, our new Picco White in Strata finish was launched as an alternative. Making the most of new surface technologies, Picco White in Strata offers a modern, matt and whiter finish with the same durability and easy-cleaning qualities our customers have come to expect from all our PG Bison sealed melamine products. We believe this new product to be an evolution of our BisonLam and SupaLam offering and intended to slowly phase out the supply of Super White in Peen in favour of our superior offering of Picco White in Strata.

We understood that such a change could be met with some hesitation, as change often is, and so we planned to phase it gradually over time. But an unexpected loss of a set of our Peen texture plates – an unfortunate mechanical setback suffered at our Ugie plant – changed that. One of PG Bison’s deep-rooted characteristics is our ability to take adversity and find the opportunity in it. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we have welcomed this opportunity as a chance to expedite our phased approach and accelerate the switch from Super White in Peen finish to Picco White in Strata finish across both the BisonLam and SupaLam ranges.

We have, therefore, immediately migrated all Super White Peen orders to Picco White Strata.

To ensure that we protect our customers from feeling the effect of this change, we have (also with immediate effect) altered our pricing structure. The price of Picco White Strata has been matched to that of our Super White Peen, ensuring a superior finish and product at the same price point.

Furthermore, all orders on different thicknesses and sizes of Super White in Peen finish will be converted to Picco White Strata, ensuring consistency across the range offering.

This is a permanent change with no option to revert to Super White Peen in the future, mitigating any further disruptions to these products down the line. A limited supply of Super White in Peen finish will remain available for a period of time to assist customers with running out their existing contracts and / or components in their own value chain.

PG Bison will continue to manufacture all other MelaWood products, such as the Accent Range solid colours in a Peen finish, with no interruption to supply.

As Picco White has been on the market since 2020, edging is also readily available.

We acknowledge this is a sudden change and are working alongside our customers to ensure we help the market navigate the change as smoothly as possible. We are confident that PG Bison’s Picco White Strata will set the bar for white board going forward.

For more information, please read our FAQs document or get in touch with your PG Bison sales representative.