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PG Bison New Kitchen Trends

New Kitchen Trends

Kitchen design has to be one of the most exciting areas of interior design, and new advances in colours, textures and designs from PG Bison make it that…

OnTrend News: All About PG Bison’s East African Partnership

Did you know that PG Bison South Africa is a 50-50 partner in PG Bison (Kenya) Ltd, a joint venture that has been operating successfully with local Kenyan…

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Take Home Luxury with the Premier Range

It’s an exciting time of year here at PG Bison with the launch of our Gallery Two Roadshow and a whole new range of products, colours and finishes….


How to get the best out of your MelaWood SupaGloss edging

The key to any great looking finished panel product is the quality of the edging. Gloss boards are no exception. A well-edged panel creates a superior finished product…

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Transform your space with a splash of colour

We are surrounded by accent colours every day. Everything from furniture to fixtures and fittings to fabric and flowers are used. Whether it’s just a little colour to…

What colour is right for you?

Just a quick glance through magazines or creating a board on Pinterest gives you an overwhelming number of design options. Suddenly, choosing the right style and colour seems…

MelaWood SupaGloss

Discover the best kept secrets in kitchen design

The one element that can make the biggest difference to a kitchen’s look and feel is the choice of surface finish, as this accentuates all the elements of…