23 April 2021

Tips on the Go 2: Showrooms in 2021

Tips on the Go is a PG Bison series aimed at helping smaller companies who work with our products every day (like contractors, suppliers and installers) to improve the way they do business. In this blog post, we’re looking at how to maximise your showroom in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people live, work and shop, and some of these changes may prove to be long-lasting. The fact that more people are working from home is driving DIY projects and home improvements, with people installing home offices or homework spaces for their children, or upgrading living areas now that they are spending more time in them. However, many people remain cautious about visiting showrooms or shops. Thabile Dikobe, PG Bison’s Enterprise Development Manager, shares some advice for showroom owners on how to attract and impress customers in 2021.

Keep things neat, tidy and clean

Thabile says that customers come to showrooms looking for inspiration and to see samples of products, and to speak to someone knowledgeable who can help them to select what they need for their specific project. It’s therefore important to ensure the showroom is clean at all times, and free from clutter. Ensure there is hand sanitiser available at the entrance and that everyone on your team is wearing their masks correctly and adhering to social distancing guidelines, which will help set customers at ease. “Label items in the showroom neatly and wipe away any fingerprints on cabinetry at least once a day,” Thabile advises. “Minimise dust in your showroom – especially if it’s near your cutting space – and dust down surfaces regularly.” Make sure there are no tools, offcuts or any other clutter lying around, as this detracts from the inspirational spaces you have created. For tips on how to clean PG Bison’s Formica® LifeSeal® Worktops and MelaWood® boards, read our blog post and care guides.

Savvy sales staff

Thabile says it’s far more effective to have a sales consultant available to talk customers through range options within the showroom space, rather than behind a sales counter. “Make sure you know the products in the various ranges and the price brackets each range falls into, as this will ensure a smooth sales process,” she says. “Dress neatly and be presentable, and always treat customers with respect. Give them time to explore the available options, and be available to answer any questions they may have.” She also encourages showroom managers to stay up-to-date on design trends by reading home décor magazines, browsing online (for example, the showroom galleries on the PG Bison website), and visiting other showrooms. Having inspirational images available of completed projects is another helpful tool to consider.

Merchandising tips

Remember that different customers will have different tastes and budgets, so it’s important to offer a range. Thabile suggests having the premier range on display in your showroom. “This will show off the top-of-range product, but also give the sales person the option to down-sell when required,” she says. Consider modular displays when creating your showroom displays, so that you can easily swap the doors on cabinet carcasses for a fresh look every few months. Think about how you can inspire customers and help to ease their decision-making process. For example, if you think certain board colours work together well, suggest these to customers wanting a two-tone or three-tone kitchen. Also try to showcase different product applications (for example, bathroom cabinetry as well as kitchen cupboards). Don’t forget your website and social media channels in this process! More and more people are doing their initial research online before deciding to visit a showroom. Ensure you have up-to-date projects and ideas featured on your digital channels. For customers who do come to visit your showroom, ensure you make the experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Have parking available, offer them a cup of tea or coffee, and provide them with brochures on the products they like to take home to consider. For more business tips and tricks, look out for PG Bison’s Tips on the Go series on LinkedIn and Facebook.