24 March 2021

Tips on the Go: 6 ways to make a great first impression

Tips on the Go is a PG Bison series aimed at helping smaller companies who work with our products every day (like contractors, suppliers and installers) to improve the way they do business. In this blog post, we’re looking at why making a good first impression matters for your business, and tips for impressing your clients from the first time you engage.

Did you know: research shows that 87% of customers will tell at least one other person about their positive experience with a company, but 95% of people will talk about a bad experience.

It’s also much harder to fix a bad first impression than to create a good one. So how do you ensure you make the best possible impression on new customers every time? Here are six top tips:

1. Arrive on time

If you say you will arrive at 9am, be there at 9am. It’s important to show customers or clients that you respect the time they have set aside to see you. If you are running late, phone the client in advance to let them know and apologise.

2 .Dress neatly

If you wish to be seen as a professional business person, it’s important to dress like one. Wear clean clothes with no stains, tuck your shirt in and shine your shoes. If you wear overalls, consider having them branded with your company name and logo.

3. Be prepared

Arrive at the meeting or site with the information and tools you will need. For example, if you are quoting on kitchen cupboards, have a tape measure, a pencil and paper with you so you can take measurements and make notes. Make sure you pack your samples and have photos of previous work or inspirational ideas, as well as a list of references (including contact details).

4. Remember your PPE

Wear your mask and have hand sanitiser available for your client. Be sure to stand 1.5m away to respect social distancing measures.

5. Be respectful

Greet your client respectfully when you arrive and when you leave. Respect their space too, especially if you are in their home. Don’t shout, smoke or leave cigarette butts on their property. Do not take other calls during your meeting. Rather let the caller leave a message. If, and only if, the call is urgent, excuse yourself and leave the room to take the call.

6. Follow-up

After a meeting, do what you have promised, when you promised. If you said you would send a quote on the same day, ensure you do so. Even if there’s nothing you need to do, contact the client to thank them for their time.