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Tutorial and FAQs: PG Bison’s free Kitchen Design Tool

On 30 September 2020, PG Bison and CompuSoft hosted a webinar to demonstrate exactly how to use PG Bison’s free online Kitchen Design Tool. Ben Jordaan walked participants through a step-by-step demonstration of this kitchen layout design tool, which is available through the PG Bison website and is 100% free to use.

We recorded the webinar to create a video tutorial (watch below). You can also hear from the CompuSoft team about trends in design software, as well as some of the company’s paid products, such as Winner Design. This tool has been created to help professionals not only to design spaces, but to also create immersive 3D showcases and even export quotations and generate cutting lists. PG Bison’s full range of products and designs can be found on the Winner Design catalogue too.

For home users, or small businesses wanting to show their clients an idea for a kitchen, or what can be achieved, the free PG Bison online Kitchen Design Tool  can assist, whether you’re looking at a new build or a kitchen renovation.

Here are some of the FAQs we’ve addressed about this tool:

How can I access the PG Bison online Kitchen Design Tool?

Visit the PG Bison website (www.pgbison.co.za). Click on the menu button at the top of the home page. The Kitchen Design Tool can be accessed from the Inspiration section.

Is the software downloadable or is it a free online tool?

The PG Bison Kitchen Design Tool is an online web tool and not downloadable. You can access the Kitchen Design Tool via the PG Bison Website.

Is this software compatible with Apple Mac? Can I use it on my tablet?

The online tool can be used on most browsers on Apple, Windows and Android devices. The tool is also compatible with most tablets and smartphones.

Can I only design one room at a time or can I add an adjoining scullery?

The tool allows you to create one room at a time. To add a scullery, use the “open shape” function to draw the exterior walls for the kitchen and scullery space. Then add interior walls to separate the spaces.

Once I have shown my finished design to a client and they approve it, can PG Bison supply me the materials and install the cupboards?

PG Bison supplies its materials to wholesalers and trade retailers. You will need to purchase your PG Bison products from one of our stockists. For more information on stockists in your region, please contact the PG Bison Head Office.

We do not offer installation services.

Can I save my design to finish it later?

Yes, you can save your design and continue to work on it when you next log in.

Can I design multiple kitchens?

Yes, you can design as many kitchens as you like and save each design separately. Every design will be saved as a single room.

Can I use this tool to design bathrooms?

At this stage, the PG Bison Kitchen Design Tool is only tailored to create kitchens and does not include bathroom components or fittings.

Can I change the handles on the cupboards in the tool?

No, the handles are integrated into the cabinet doors and cannot be changed.

Can I edit room or item measurements manually?

 Yes, you can drag your mouse cursor to the desired size or enter your measurements in the “Build” section of the tool.

Can I change the colours of some of the cupboards (I want a two-tone kitchen)?

Yes, you can select which cabinets you’d like to change – the first click will select all the cabinets; the second one will select just the cabinet over which you are hovering. Please note that you cannot select different colour drawers within one unit. You can only change the colours of “whole” units.

Are PG Bison’s latest products and designs loaded to the kitchen design tool?

Yes, PG Bison’s full range, including our latest additions, are all available on the tool, and we load new designs whenever they are released to ensure the tool remains up-to-date at all times.

Why am I getting an error “object could not be loaded”?

Usually this message appears when you try to load an item where there is not enough space, or the required parameters are not met. For example, a sink may only be loaded to a horizontal worktop, and not within a tall cabinet.

How do I get my completed design?

Once you are finished with your design, simply register with your contact details and your design will be sent to you in PDF format as an email attachment.

Can I print a line drawing of my design?

This feature is not available in the free online tool. 

Can I export the completed design into a different architectural program?

The files can be imported into Winner Design or sent to you via email as PDFs. They cannot be exported into other design software outside of CompuSoft’s suite of solutions.

Can I print my completed design in 3D? When the design is completed, there are 3D previews included in the summary layout, which you will receive via email (you need to register to receive the email). This is a PDF file, which can be printed.