E1 Certification

PG Bison becomes only manufacturer in RSA able to certify and independently verify its own E1 board

PG Bison has enlisted international audit firm, Fraunhofer, to be able to test, certify and independently verify that its own production of E1 particleboard and medium density fibreboard makes the grade.

Previously, only ad hoc testing was conducted. This could sometimes involve couriering samples, in a specific process, to overseas institutions for verification and certification. Now, with its own laboratories registered and audited biannually by an independent, external authority, PG Bison is able to test and certify its E1 production in-house.

E1 is the classification for board products with low formaldehyde emissions and is the European Standard. Locally, the Green Star Building rating tool requires E1 product to award points for low emissions.

E1 Certification_PG Bison Ugie Board Plant