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Product Description

PG Bison brings the latest in world trends to your doorstep with MelaWood® SupaMatt™.

MelaWood® SupaMatt™ has an anti-fingerprint finish, which is great news because you cannot help yourself from touching its soft and silky-smooth finish. And its non-reflective surface adds sophistication and elegance to any setting.

How it’s made
Sophisticated technology is used to produce MelaWood® SupaMatt™. A hot coated polyurethane (PUR) is applied to MelaWood® with a SupaWood® core, before the uppermost coating is matted using the latest technology, specialised Excimer lamps and cured with ultraviolet (UV) light.

Locally manufactured by PG Bison, to international standards, you are assured of a dependable, readily available product, with the quality and consistency you have come to expect from PG Bison.

MelaWood® SupaMatt™ is supplied with a protective film to shield the matt face during handling and processing, so your finished product can arrive on site looking as good as you intended. The reverse side is a matching décor in NATURAL TOUCH finish.

For that luxurious touch and exclusive look, MelaWood® SupaMatt™ is your premium, anti-fingerprint, matt surface.

  • Advantages of MelaWood® SupaMatt™
    • Anti-fingerprint
    • Ultra-matt, nonreflective surface
    • Gloss level < 2.9 GE (65°)
    • Durable, UV hardened
    • Made locally to international standards
    • Contemporary & stylish range
    • Consistency in quality & colour
    • Trusted MelaWood® décor on quality SupaWood® core
    • Available in 2750mm x 1830mm for better yield & less waste
    • Protective film shields matt surface during handling & processing
    • Cost effective & value for money
    • Matched edging available locally
  • MelaWood® SupaMatt™ Availability List

    MelaWood® SupaMatt™ sold in pack sizes only.

    Thickness Pack size Sheet sizes & tonnage
    16mm 5 0.33 tons
    16mm 20 1.31 tons