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Product Description

Take the benefits of solid timber, combine them with the advantages of wood-based manufactured board and you get PG Bison’s exceptional SupaWood®.

How it’s made
SupaWood® is made using world-leading technology. Wood chips are ground into fibre and blended with resin, before being bonded together, through heat and pressure, into a premium quality panel product.

Using SupaWood®
SupaWood® is engineered to be dense, stiff and super flat. It offers excellent structural strength and superior screw-holding capability. And having no grain structure means great machinability in any direction. SupaWood® is ideal for creating almost any shape through moulding, routing, turning and edge profiling.

With its homogeneous construction, cutting and profiling will yield smooth edges, free from chips and voids. SupaWood® can be fabricated and installed using most joinery techniques, with standard, well-maintained, woodworking tools yielding excellent results.

SupaWood® has a smooth, fine surface ideal for spray paint and PVC wrap finishes. It can also be stained, varnished or finished with melamine-impregnated décor, high pressure laminates or veneer. SupaWood® is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. As great as SupaWood® is, it is still not recommended for exterior applications or areas with very high moisture content.

From contemporary offerings to period pieces, SupaWood® brings out the very best in all types of furniture.

  • Advantages of SupaWood®
    • Homogenous, non-directional construction means superior machining characteristics in any direction
    • Exceptional dimensional stability
    • Excellent screw-holding capability
    • High impact strength
    • Consistent board density profile and deep routable
    • Uniform appearance with flat, smooth surface sanded to 150 grit finish, ready for upgrading, spray painting and PVC wrapping
    • Available in uniform sheet size
    • Available in thicknesses ranging from 3mm up to 30mm
    • Locally produced
    • Technical backup
    • Price stability
  • SupaWood® Availability List

    SupaWood® sold in pack sizes only.

    Thickness Pack size Sheet sizes & tonnage Availability Sheet sizes & tonnage Availability
        2750mm x 1840mm   3660mm x 1840mm  
    3mm White (SF) 100 1.42 tons MTS    
    3mm White (SF) 160 2.45 tons MTS 2.45 tons MTO
    6mm 80 2.28 tons MTS 2.51 tons MTO
    9mm 50 1.98 tons MTS 2.26 tons MTO
    12mm 40 1.92 tons MTS 2.54 tons MTO
    16mm 30 1.94 tons MTS 2.26 tons MTO
    18mm 30 2.16 tons MTS 2.77 tons MTO
    22mm 25 2.18 tons MTS 2.81 tons MTO
    32mm 15 1.84 tons MTS 2.35 tons MTO