About Us

Our Responsibility

PG Bison's own success is inextricably linked to the sustainable growth & development of the communities in which it operates. Socio-Economic Development (SED) is inherent to the PG Bison culture. The company has invested, and will continue to invest, in programmes where its communities are empowered through their own development.

Many of our corporate social investment initiatives are focused on the youth of South Africa, such as the PG Bison 1.618 STUDENT DESIGN Competition.

PG Bison creates thousands of direct and indirect opportunities in and around our operations. By supporting the development of small enterprises, they grow to become a vital part of our supply chain and thriving businesses in their own right.

We are proud of our South African heritage and are the only board manufacturer in South Africa to achieve level 8 as a broad-based black economic empowerment contributor.

Level 8 B-BBEE Certificate PDF